Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel infamously said “never let a serious crisis go to waste,” and liberals have followed this credo with the Navy Yard shooting. It took no time at all for liberal pundits and media to bemoan the evils of guns. So little time, in fact, that they told outright falsehoods. Twitchy was all over it, from the New York Daily News’s false and manipulative cover, to Piers Morgan’s bogus AR-15 claims, to OFA’s shameless attempt to exploit the horrific murder for fundraising.

These dishonest, emotional ploys are nothing new to the liberal playbook. Recall the uncovered Democrat “anti-gun guide” giving advice on how to approach the gun-control debate. It urged gun-control advocates to wait for when a shooting to “creates a unique environment” in which to convince people. It said that “The most powerful time to communicate is when concern and emotions are running at their peak,” and warned its readers “don’t wait” for the facts before attempting to pull at heartstrings.

The gun-control issue is a prominent example of an underlying characteristic of liberal progressive thought. On a strictly factual, rational basis, progressivism fails to have any convincing qualities. It is a fundamentally irrational philosophy. Its followers believe that increasing government control and intervention will actually bring about more liberty for humanity. It seeks to shackle and release the human will at the same time. Under modern liberal government, citizens are free to act and think however they want, as long as they do and say the right things. It is an absolutely absurd way of thinking.

So too is gun-control advocacy. Piers Morgan tweeted that he wanted “a new amendment to the Constitution: the right NOT to be shot/killed by a gun,” which conservative Twitter users rightfully lambasted as one of the stupidest things they had ever seen or heard. But such imbecilic statements are to be expected when a political and social philosophy based entirely on emotion and feeling and not on rationality, common sense, or moral character takes root in people.

Our nation was founded on natural law and social compact theory. These are rational propositions that one can agree or disagree with on a rational level. Liberal progressivism has no such basis. It is taken on faith; you are either of the fold or an enemy to be destroyed, part of an “extremist” group, as the anti-gun guide termed the NRA.

Progressivism is an irrational, nay, anti-rational cult. With that fact, and with liberal drones, there can be no arguing.