If this kid has a decent voice he’s probably going to have a successful career in talk radio. I love this story.

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports.

Harvard Student Picks Fights With Bush/Cheney Campaign Sticker

Harvard University student John “Jack” Kocsis has received some eyerolls and sneers from peers this month after prominently affixing a Bush/Cheney ’04 campaign sticker to the back of his laptop during the first week of school.

As far as Kocsis is concerned, that’s the whole point.

The sticker serves as a conversation starter – what he calls “old-fashioned political agitation” – in an attempt to engage the many liberal students at Harvard in a spirited debate on whether there’s any difference between the current administration and the previous one.

“If there is one thing liberals always say is, ‘Oh, Bush/Cheney was the worst president in history,’ ” Kocsis said in an interview with The College Fix. “But we’ve just sort of had this continual aggrandizement of the national security state with President Obama.”

That’s what he tells fellow students if they pester him about his sticker. The 20-year-old government major will argue to students, for example, that Obama has harnessed the controversial Patriot Act – passed by President Bush with bipartisan Congressional support in the wake of 9/11 – to vastly increase domestic spy tactics.

Indeed, the existence of the Patriot Act runs antithesis to Obama’s campaign promises, let alone the National Security Agency’s unconstitutional monitoring of American’s personal electronic communications, he said.

“Everyone now is in a state of, ‘OK – we are all being watched by the government, they can read anyone’s emails,’ ” Kocsis says. “That’s scary.”

He also mentions to peers the seemingly never-ending war against terror in the Middle East. He throws in talk of drone strikes and unchecked Guantanamo Bay detentions under Obama. He tosses in how lobbyists frequent the White House, and how the guy who promised to be the most transparent president in history is quite the opposite. The fact that Obama wanted to bomb Syria? Case closed.