John Zmirak of Intercollegiate Review has written a new post which outlines numerous examples of conservative free speech being shut down on college campuses. Here are a few key excerpts.

Campus Chaos: Free Speech for Me but Not for Thee

Universities like to present themselves as defenders of free speech and free association. But this veneer of tolerance starts to crumble when conservatives’ or religious believers’ rights are threatened.

Pro-Lifers Silenced
On March 12, 2013, the Student Government Association (SGA) of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore voted to deny Voice for Life status as an official student organization, according to Lifenews. The SGA asserted that Voice for Life’s involvement in peaceful sidewalk protests outside abortion clinics violated the school’s “harassment” policies and that one website (the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s) linked to on the Voice for Life site was “offensive.” In an e-mail an SGA official compared Voice for Life to a “racist hate group.”

Campus Chaplaincy Under Assault
At George Washington University in our nation’s capital, two students launched a campaign this spring to press the university to remove Catholic chaplain Greg Shaffer and cut off the chaplaincy’s university funding. Why? Because Reverend Shaffer reaffirms biblical teaching on marriage, sexuality, and the sanctity of life. That’s what you might, in saner times, expect a Catholic priest to do. But these students—and the school’s left-leaning student paper, The Hatchet—considered Shaffer’s religious speech “too polarizing” and wanted him silenced. According to The Hatchet, GW’s “vice provost for diversity and inclusion” said her office was reviewing the Multicultural Student Services Center, which oversees religious life at the university.

At Elite Colleges, Environmentalists Quash Dissent
In the 1980s students led successful efforts to push their universities to divest from companies that did business with South Africa. (Other African dictatorships were left alone, as was the Soviet Union.) Now activists are trying to rouse the same moral dudgeon against . . investment in fossil fuel companies. The most dramatic events so far have occurred at Swarthmore and Vassar—where anti-fossil-fuel activists have aggressively tried to silence and intimidate dissenting students and keep alternative voices off the campus.