New York University is the home of the original “Hook-Up” Facebook page.

So, as a new academic year is about to begin, little wonder that one of its kick-off events features sex toys.

New York University (NYU) administrators are throwing a “babeland” themed series of events for LGBTQ students on Wednesday which is set  to include workshops on how to use strap-ons and how to perform effective oral sex.

The school-sponsored workshops, titled Strap-On Play, Sex Toys 101, and Oral Sex Tips are part of the bigger event called “Babeland: Queer Student Night with NYU LGBTQ Student Center,” according to NYU’s official description of events.

“NYU LGBTQ Center want you to stop by for a night of sex tips and resources for queer students and alumni,” the description reads. “You’ll be showing off your sex IQ in no time! Arrive early; the first fifteen students will receive gift bags.”

The school-sponsored event will also feature advice from the Planned Parenthood Activist Council on how to “advocate for comprehensive sex ed. and cultivate sexual health awareness.”

Other events include “Guess the Straight Person,” where students ask a panel questions and attempt to determine “which panelist identifies as ‘straight,’” “ Queer Field Day at Central Park,” a “Queer Salsa Dance Lesson,” and “Being Male at NYU.”

All of the sex and gender related events are put on by LiveWellNYU, which “provides tools and resources for individual students to maintain good health,” according to the college’s official website.

Frankly, if I were a LGBTQ student, I would be furious that administrators think the best way to appeal to my academic interests was related to the effective use of sex toys and organs.