Sexual scholarship is a primary component of the program for students majoring in fun.

Based on this agenda, an article about student sex-based regrets is fascinating (hat-tip, Instapundit).

  • “I regret having sex with somebody who was a known intravenous drug user and then not getting myself tested for HIV for almost a year afterward out of fear (and potentially putting other partners at risk)…..”
  • “I regret having sex with friends. I went to a small school and things get complicated when you sleep and date within your friend group. I’ve drifted from a few of my guy friends because of this and I’m still not sure if I’ve properly learned how to differentiate between people I love as friends and people I want to be with.”
  • “I regret having a boyfriend that I CLEARLY didn’t actually want to have sex with tell me that I was ‘frigid.’ It turns out I JUST DIDN’T WANT TO SLEEP WITH HIMMMM.”
  • “I regret getting a serious boyfriend literally the day I arrived on campus for orientation. I think the reason I don’t have more good friends from college today is because I spent my first year and a half of college in a John-and-Yoko type inseparable arrangement. My boyfriend was a great guy, but it really stunted my social and emotional maturity in school.”
  • “I regret having week after week of horrible, HORRIBLE sex with a British guy who looked uncannily like a grown-up Daniel Radcliffe just because he looked uncannily like a grown-up Daniel Radcliffe. God, he was such a tool. BUT HE WAS SO INCREDIBLY HOT…..”
  • “I regret sleeping with a much older guy who was also sleeping with lots of other girls (and some guys). Not just once, but on and off for most of college. This automatically gave me a fucked up idea of what sex and intimacy were. … ”
  • “I regret not being tested for STDs more regularly. I was always afraid of what the results would be, which meant I spent soooooo much time worrying about my health, my partners’ health, whether they were telling me the truth, etc. ….”