Capital University in Ohio has a slight dorm room shortage this fall so it’s providing housing for some students at a local water park. There’s nothing like hitting the water slide after homework.

Oliver Ortega of the Columbus Dispatch reports.

Capital University students get temporary stay at water park

Don’t be surprised if you see college students hanging out at the water slides at Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort come fall semester.

They’re not skipping class — they’re living there.

In a novel solution to its housing crunch, Capital University in Bexley will put up about 30 of its returning students at Fort Rapids in Columbus, a 10-minute drive from school, for a few weeks while space on campus opens up.

A larger incoming freshman class and an unusually high number of returning students who want to live on campus caused this year’s housing predicament, said university spokeswoman Nichole Johnson.

“It’s not ideal but we’re trying to make the best situation of this that we can, and let them have a little fun along the way,” Johnson said.

The majority of the students accommodated at Fort Rapids will be sophomores, and no incoming freshman will be placed there, she said. Move-in starts Aug. 24.

The total undergraduate student population hasn’t changed much over the last three years, hovering at about 2,300, according to university data. But this year’s freshman class will have 714 students, 45 more than last year.

Johnson said increased event programming and a recent push to engage students on campus, as well as the convenience of being close to school, might have caused more to opt for another year in the dorms.

Yes, the group will have free access to the water park, but only on weekends. And a university residence employee and a student assistant will (try to) make sure the students behave as if they were on campus.