The College Fix points to a Washington Post story about Howard University. It seems as though the school’s financial status has come under scrutiny from within.

Academic Deans Allege ‘Financial Mismanagement’ at Howard University

The Washington Post reports that a group of academic deans at Howard University are publicly accusing the school’s top administrative leaders of mismanaging finances and putting the university at risk:

Above all, the deans blamed the “fiscal direction” of Robert M. Tarola, an independent contractor who serves as the university’s senior vice president for administration, chief financial officer and treasurer.

“We believe this direction places the very survival of the University at risk,” the deans wrote in the June 6 letter addressed to Howard trustees.

Howard President Sidney A. Ribeau rejected the allegations, saying the university is making tough decisions to secure its future and remains in strong shape…

The allegations from Howard’s academic deans provide a window into a debate seething within one of the nation’s premier historically black universities as it grapples with federal budget cuts and high hospital expenses. Revenue shortages this year, including a loss of tuition from an unexpected drop in enrollment, led the university to slash spending.