Back in May, College Insurrection reported that controversy can often lead to lucrative work as a college professor. Breitbart News is confirming that theory with this report.

CUNY to Pay Petraeus $200K for 3 Hrs. Per Week

Having an affair and retiring from service means never having to go broke, if current reports from City University of New York are any indicator. CUNY is apparently paying CIA Director General David Petraeus $200,000 each year to teach for three hours per week. His class will be largely filled out by graduate student staff, who will handle “course research, administration, and grading.” Normal adjunct professors at CUNY make approximately $25,000 per year.

Actually, Petraeus could make even more than that. In February, then-chancellor Matthew Goldstein offered Petraeus “a salary of $200,000 per annum, supplemented by funds from a private gift. While I do not yet have a commitment for such a gift, Sid Goodfriend and I agreed that, working together, we can make it a reality.”

Petraeus told CUNY dean Ann Kirschner, “The truth is that I could have had gotten more money or more prestigious places (you won’t believe what USC will pay per week) but Matt and you convinced me that this was the principal place to teach.” Petraeus also claims that he has a fellowship at Harvard’s Kennedy School – where, ironically, he met his paramour and biographer.