Princeton mom Susan A. Patton detonated a feminist advice  bomb when she wrote a letter recommending young women find husbands before they graduate.

And while progressive feminists deride Patton’s assertions, it looks like the Ivy League mom is laughing all the way to the bank.

Susan Patton, a Princeton alumna whose son currently attends the university, provoked national controversy this March when she published a letter in the Daily Princetonian–a student newspaper–advising young Princeton women to do all they can to find a husband before they graduate. Princeton women will never again be surrounded by so many “worthy” men, she advised. If they wait too long, they will find it harder and harder to fine a suitable mate.

Patton’s advice stirred controversy and she was criticized for the perceived elitism of her letter, and also for the supposed anti-feminist tone of her advice to “marry young.”

Nevertheless, Patton has scored a book deal based on her letter. Simon & Schuster, will publish “Smarten Up!: Words of Wisdom from the Princeton Mom.” in the spring of 2014.

According to the publisher, the book will include “uncomfortable truths” about marriage and motherhood and the dangers of waiting too long for either.

It should pair nicely with Dr. Helen Smith’s book, “Men on Strike”.