Young Americans feeling sad and unfulfilled after struggling to find a job worthy of their talents and education may take comfort in this list from Buzz Feed of 19 well known individuals whose careers got off to a rough start.

1. Jon Hamm: –  At 27, Hamm couldn’t find any work and was dropped by the William Morris Agency.
2. Oprah Winfrey – Oprah bounced around various Baltimore news stations, including one that fired her for getting too emotionally invested in stories.
3. Harrison Ford – Struggling to make money acting, Ford supported himself as a carpenter.
4. Tim Allen – In his mid-twenties, Allen spent over two years in federal prison for selling cocaine.
5. Kristen Wiig – Wiig spent her twenties working every odd job imaginable, from selling peaches to babysitting to drawing bodies of plastic surgery patients.
6. Andrea Bocelli – To pay for singing lessons and law school, Bocelli moonlighted as a piano bar performer until he was discovered by Luciano Pavarotti at age 33.
7. Ang Lee – After earning his master of fine arts, Lee spent six years as a stay-at-home husband while his film career stalled.
8. Don DeLillo – To focus on becoming a “serious” writer, the award-winning novelist walked away from a cushy advertising gig and moved into a $60-a-month apartment, where his main expense was paying the phone bill.
9. Walt Disney – At 24, he had Oswaldo the Rabbit, his first successful cartoon character, stolen from him by Universal Studios.
10. Suze Orman – Orman spent most of her twenties working as a waitress. A
11. R.A. Dickey – After a successful college career, Dickey suffered so many arm injuries he couldn’t even turn a doorknob without significant pain. D
12. Zach Galifianakis – While trying to jump-start his standup career, Galifianakis spent a large portion of his twenties as a busboy in an upscale Manhattan strip club.
13. James Murphy – At 22, the LCD Soundsystem front man turned down a gig writing for Seinfeld.
14. Sylvester Stallone – While shopping Rocky around Hollywood, Stallone was so poor he tearfully sold his dog Butkus for $25.
15. Steve Jobs – Although Jobs was a millionaire by 23, he became so disliked at Apple by the end of his twenties that his own company fired him.
16. Lucille Ball – During her twenties, Ball was known as the “Queen of the ‘B’s” thanks to her frequent roles in B-movies.
17. James Dyson – Relying heavily on his wife’s income, Dyson spent the majority of his twenties failing to sell his vacuum cleaner designs to major manufacturers.
18. Tim Thomas – Thomas bounced around several amateur and international hockey leagues before becoming a starter during 2006–2007 season at age 30.
19. J.K. Rowling – By the end of her twenties, Rowling was a divorced, unemployed single parent on welfare.