It seems especially shocking that a thing like this would happen in Texas.

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit reports.

Unreal!… Texas High School Officials Cut Mic on Valedictorian’s Speech on US Constitution (Video)

Unbelievable. What can they possibly be teaching kids at that school?

FOX News reported:

A Texas high school silenced its Valedictorian’s microphone during his speech when he diverted from his pre-approved remarks and instead spoke about the Constitution.

Joshua High School graduate Remington Reimer, who was accepted into the Naval Academy, had his microphone silenced during his speech right after he told fellow graduates that school officials apparently threatened him with the move the day before, reported.

Colin Radford, a fellow graduate told that Reimer was “talking about getting constitutional rights taken away from him, and then he said “just yesterday they threatened to turn my microphone off,” and then his microphone went off.”

Here’s the video.