In a new opinion piece at Campus Reform, writer Gabriella Hoffman offers her two cents on this subject.

OPINION: Pro-Palestinian groups don’t respect free speech on campus

College is meant to be a place where free speech comes alive. Different viewpoints are supposed to be welcome and intellectual diversity celebrated.

For at least one loud minority on college campuses, however, the rights and the privileges afforded by the First Amendment only extend to those who share their exact beliefs.

Let me give you one recent example.

The College Republicans of Portland State University, hosted a viewing of the 2005 documentary film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” only to leave after the pro-Palestinian group attempt a hostile takeover of the event.

Before the event began, pro-Palestinian activists attempted to route the event by storming the stage making loud announcements about a competing event in the hallway outside where students could “meet real Muslims.”

When the documentary ended things got worse. The “activists” yelled, shouted and attempted to pick fights with the organizers. The scene was reminiscent of feeding time at the zoo.

Rather than sparking dialogue these students chose to bully and intimidate their fellow students.

If this shameful scene were isolated it would hardly be worth mentioning, much less highlighting in a Campus Reform column.

The sad fact is, however, this is a recurring scene on campus across the country almost every day.

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