Maybe if the professor changed the focus of the course to science and Islam it would count as diversity.

Jose R. Gonzalez of The College Fix reports.

Preaching Alleged in Science Class

In a case that has made national headlines, a public university is investigating a professor’s objectivity after receiving a complaint from an anti-religion advocacy law firm that the educator’s science course, which probes whether there is an intelligent being behind the formation of the universe, is not teaching – but rather preaching.

The nonprofit Freedom From Religion Foundation contends the course violates the Constitution because it’s being used to “proselytize students and advance Christianity by using gaps in scientific knowledge,” according to a May 15 letter the group sent to the president of Ball State University, where the course is taught by physics Professor Eric Hedin.

“He’s not presenting any other side of the argument except that Christianity is correct and that science proves Christianity correct, and that is very problematic at a public university,” Andrew Seidel, attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said about Hedin in an interview with The College Fix. 

The complaint prompted a wave of scrutiny on Ball State, a public research university in Indiana. In recent weeks, dozens of articles across the country have been written on the subject, including from atheists and academics who question the course’s motives, as well as by scientists and educators who back intelligent design theories.

Many have also called the issue a matter of academic license.

“What’s really going on here with Seidel is his own hostility to religion in general and Christianity in particular is blinding him to a need for intellectual openness and fairness in the presentation of some profound philosophical debates,” said Peter Wood, president of the conservative National Association of Scholars, in an interview with The College Fix.