The student is Patrick Seaworth and he recently told his story at The College Fix.

How Ohio State Failed Me

There is a motto at Ohio State University emblazed on its crest: “Disciplina in civitatem.” Translation: Education for Citizenship.

Unfortunately, the school does not live up to its creed.

James Madison once remarked that if a people wish to rule themselves, they must be educated; and here, amongst the tall trees and balmy summers, the snow and frigid winters, Ohio State students strive toward enriching their minds in the hopes of enriching their pocketbooks and communities.

There is, however, a systemic failure on this campus, and that is the school cannot provide an adequate education, cannot put forth to a student – in other than the technical disciplines – an education that is able to prepare them for citizenship.

As I transfer out of Ohio State, I look back on some of my humanities and social science classes over the last two years with some measure of disappointment and frustration.

Take my “History of American Capitalism” class, one in which I was spoken over as soon as I began to correct the instructor that it was in fact not George W. Bush that repealed Glass-Steagall, but his predecessor, Bill Clinton.

Needless to say, my papers submitted containing accurate histories of this country’s capitalism were similarly dismissed with red pen strokes. After the first occurrence, I sat with the TA and explained how I was not, in fact, wrong in my historical points. The points docked, were never replaced. I stopped looking at my grades after that meeting.

Now perhaps this seems trivial, and the manner in which students were expected to regurgitate an inaccurate quarter-long history of our country may seem insignificant.

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