Talk about hot off the presses!

First, it was University of California’s infamously progressive Berkeley campus’ student newspaper offering advice on where to be intimate in the school libraries. Now, an Ivy League institution’s publication is offering its own guidance on the subject.

The official student newspaper at Harvard University provided a female student who is fantasizing about having sex in the school library, but desperate and clueless on how to find a sexual partner for the job, with some helpful advice on Sunday.

A young woman, using the pseudonym “suddenly horny,” wrote to The Crimson explaining she wanted “get it on in the stacks of Widener” as a final act before graduation, but mourned she had “no boyfriend and no prospects” to help fulfill the fantasy.

Crimson editors Sarah Erwin and Julia Ryan responded to her plea for help, noting in the newspaper’s online advice column “strategy is key to completing this task.”

Erwin and Ryan’s first piece of advice to the girl was to locate a past lover for the task.

“Past hookups: Find that guy from your freshmen entryway and tell him you are feeling ‘nostalgic.’ Or ‘suddenly horny,’” they wrote.

If that would not work, The Crimson recommended looking into “younger men,” adding “there are plenty of freshmen just a few feet from Widener.”

Finally, the student newspaper turned to providing comical advice, recommending librarians as potential partners for their “easy access” and searching “public records for those convicted of indecent exposure” for “self explanatory” reasons.

Nonetheless, sex in Harvard’s Widener library does not appear to be a new fad. In 2006 a student made headlines when she posted on Craiglist looking for a partner to have sex with her in the library.

Harvard University did not make a spokesperson available to Campus Reform in time for comment publication.