Columbia University is rapidly becoming notorious for its professional staff.

We recently reported that the school was now the academic home of domestic terrorist turned professor, Kathy Boudin.

Now, the College Fix shares this story about another professor:

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

A tenured Columbia University professor is facing criticism for claiming in a column published Tuesday by Al Jazeera that Zionism is anti-Semitic and that the Jewish people who opposed Zionism and Israel died in the Holocaust, a notion that critics deemed anti-Semitic.

Columbia Arab politics professor Joseph Massad wrote that the Nazis successfully “killed the majority of Jewish enemies of Zionism,” or those Jews who might oppose Israel today.

“While the majority of Jews continued to resist the anti-Semitic basis of Zionism and its alliances with anti-Semites, the Nazi genocide not only killed 90 percent of European Jews, but in the process also killed the majority of Jewish enemies of Zionism who died precisely because they refused to heed the Zionist call of abandoning their countries and homes,” Massad wrote, before discussing “the affinity between Nazis and Zionists.”

… One of Massad’s colleagues at Columbia said his piece “reflects profound ignorance of Jewish history.”

“The notion that the Protestant Reformation is the basis for Jews’ belief in the continuity of Jewish life from ancient times, or for their ties to the land of Israel, reflects profound ignorance of Jewish history,” Professor Paul S. Appelbaum, the university’s Dollard Professor of Psychiatry, Medicine, and Law, said in an email.

… Prominent Middle East observers such as Atlantic writer Jeffrey Goldberg quickly criticized Massad for arguing that “all the good Jews”—i.e., those who opposed the creation of Israel—“were killed in the Holocaust.”

“Congratulations, al Jazeera,” Goldberg tweeted, “You’ve just posted one of the most anti-Jewish screeds in recent memory.”

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