Elizabeth Fuerbacher of The Brown Spectator has some words of advice for the Republican Party.

Dear GOP, Learn How to Sell Yourself!

Other than having a strong product, knowing one’s target audience is the first rule of marketing. Whether selling houses, an educational experience, financial services, or a concept for a new startup, determining toward whom the “product” — be it physical or intangible — is geared forms the foundation of success. Political parties are no different, and the Republican Party has had a terribly poor record of expanding the party base to gain traction.

During a period with dire unemployment, no meaningful programs to stimulate economic growth, and widespread dissatisfaction with the political ethos in Washington, one would imagine the G.O.P. would have swept the presidential, congressional, and senatorial elections. However, the opposite occurred, and this can certainly be attributed to the G.O.P.’s ineffective marketing. In order to sustain its viability and increase its appeal to voters, the G.O.P. must halt its reverence of Christian Bible-toting, male-centric, listless candidates.

Let’s face it: The Democrats know how to market themselves and support candidates with personal experiences to capture voters’ interest. A candidate with educational prestige and professional success who has thrived in spite of racial or gender bias makes for a genuinely interesting, inspirational story that will resonate with voters. As we know, President Barack Obama’s biography and charisma helped catapult him to the heights of political fame.

Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), despite her controversial claims regarding personal heritage, leveraged her image as a female, former Harvard Law School professor battling powerful Wall Street interests. Image is vital to success, and the Democrats have quite effectively cultivated people who can be perceived as underdogs yet overcame obstacles to achieve objectives traditionally attained only by privileged males.