It seems that no conservative speech at a college campus is complete unless it is interrupted by student activists.

Breitbart-TV offers a video clip and AP report on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s talk at Howard University:

The Kentucky senator, an eye doctor and son of libertarian-leaning former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, was briefly interrupted during his speech by a young man who unfurled a banner that said the university does not support “white supremacy.” The man was removed from the auditorium…

Many students said they didn’t agree with Paul on many issues but gave him credit for speaking to them. “It could be very intimidating. You’re sitting in a room with people who don’t support you for the most part s.o I do give him credit for coming,” said Tasia Hawkins, an 18-year-old freshman from New York.

Ronald Roach posts an item on the speech itself at Diverse Issues in Education:

Invoking the historic affinity African-Americans had for the Republican Party between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., told a packed audience at Howard University that the party today offers Americans a path toward unencumbered opportunity. The Democratic Party approach to governance, instead, has led to greater poverty, increased national debt, and high unemployment, he said.

“If you are struggling to get ahead, if you have school loans and personal debt, you should choose a political party that wants to leave more money in the private sector so you will get a job when the time comes,” Paul said Wednesday during his speech at the Howard University School of Business.

“I would argue that the objective evidence shows that big government is not a friend to African-Americans. Big government relies on the Federal Reserve, our central bank, to print money out of thin air. Printing money out of thin air leads to higher prices,” he noted.

Just weeks after Republican Party leaders identified historically Black colleges and universities as institutions at which the party can reach African-Americans “with the goal of educating the [Black] community on Republican ideals and the Party’s history,” Paul delivered a timely appeal to an audience consisting largely of Howard students. Last month, the Republican National Committee unveiled the 97-page “Growth and Opportunity Project” report that had been commissioned to outline a new strategy for the party, including urging the party to conduct outreach efforts at HBCUs.

“I hope that some of you will be open to the Republican message that favors choice in education, a less aggressive foreign policy, more compassion regarding non-violent crime and encourages opportunity in employment,” Paul told the students.