You really have to wonder if these folks have any sense of irony at all.

Keara Vickers of Students for Liberty reports.

Queen’s University Free Speech Wall Shut Down

For years, Students For Liberty have been using free speech walls to draw attention to repressive speech codes on college campuses.

Sometimes, we see professors with box cutters or rogue students attack these walls as a means of resisting an idea as basic and fundamental to liberty and dignity as free speech.

Just a few months ago, Carleton Students For Liberty in Canada made waves when a fellow student, Arun Smith, tore down their free speech wall. Even though we’ve seen several instances of hostile action from faculty and students, there had been little direct formal resistance from administrators until this week.

Just last night at Queen’s University in Ontario, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Arig Girgrah shut down the Queen’s SFL free speech wall after telling the students the wall contained “offensive content.” Two campus security officers acting on the instructions of Ms. Girgrah removed the entire canvas from the wall and carried it outside. Watch the video of campus security removing the wall here: