Students for Life is conducting a college campus tour to educate people about Planned Parenthood. When they got to UNC Chapel Hill, things did not go well.

Emphasis is theirs.

Theft, Profanity, and Pro-Aborts at UNC-Chapel Hill

Monday was an interesting day on The Planned Parenthood Project tour.  On our 5th stop, at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, we experienced the most aggressive reaction from pro-abortion supporters so far.

Erik, our man on the ground, was taking photos of the scene at the display, as he has done at every campus.  After smiling and posing for the camera, Planned Parenthood abortion supporters found out that he was pro-life and started demanding that he delete the photos.  They even called campus security, a futile effort because Erik was well within his rights to take photos on public property at a public event.

At some point after all that was sorted out, the Students for Life group realized that one of our boxes of Planned Parenthood Project postcards had been stolen – what a coincidence, wonder who did that? The group filed a theft report with security. Meanwhile, it will cost $250 to express ship replacement postcards for the completion of the tour.  (Please prayerfully consider donating to help us recoup the cost of the stolen postcards, or sponsor one of the 915 crosses we have on display.)

The 915 crosses represent the 915 preborn babies who are killed every day at Planned Parenthood. Upon hearing the statistic, one pro-abort said, “It’s a good thing Planned Parenthood commits that many abortions. It’s what they should be doing.”  Make no mistake – when we call someone “pro-abortion,” it is because they are truly pro-abortion.