No campus is safe from the leftist divestment movement and it seems Dartmouth is the latest ivy to be ensnared by its grip.

Nicholas P. Desatnick of Dartlog reports.

Divest Dartmouth and the Lunacy to Come

The state of campus capitalism is in disarray. Slowly but surely, America’s free enterprise system has been bleeding cultural support as effort after effort from the liberal orthodoxy have taken their toll. This has not happened all at once: Occupy Wall Street’s flagrant anti-capitalism died an ignoble death, Students Stand with Staff is but an untoward memory, and direct challenges to the free market are few and far between. Yet, appearances are deceiving. Just prior to this fall’s election, a Pew poll found that forty-nine percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 had a favorable view of socialism.

By contrast, only forty-three percent expressed disapproval. With data like this, one needn’t have the statistical knowhow of Karl Rove to recognize that the free enterprise system is facing a crisis of legitimacy amongst the young. But unlike the floral-ridden challenges of yesteryear, this generation’s debate has not been marked by cross-campus dialogue or even good old fashioned protest; instead, it has advanced behind the scenes, permeating academic thought and subverting the culture both inside and outside of the classroom. In order to see this surreptitious breed of liberalism in the full light of day, one need look no further than the Dartmouth community and its ongoing efforts to divest the College’s endowment from all fossil fuels.

While this campaign is still in its infancy, it is but one of dozens that have taken hold on over 250 campuses across the nation. In a meeting last month, participating Dartmouth undergraduates called on the administration and Board of Trustees to “make the community more environmentally sustainable” and “[deflate] the carbon bubble” by ending fossil fuel investment.