The nation is watching the manhunt for the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings closely.

Meanwhile, Emory University student David Giffin has a few thoughts about one liberal pundit/talk show host’s wishes about the identity of the bombers.

Despite the tragedy that was the Boston Marathon bombing, which thus far has yielded three dead, over one hundred and ten wounded, and almost no solid leads as to the culprit or culprits, dozens of people have took an early opportunity to disrespectfully politicize the event. Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire, is one example: he announced shortly after the bombing that the event was a “false flag” government conspiracy, designed to get the Transportation Security Administration into sporting events.

However, some of these attempts to politicize were just plain insulting. Take, for example, David Sirota and his Tuesday article on titled “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.”

Sirota’s basic argument depends on the idea that white/male privilege in America is so pervasive that the government’s legal responses to acts of terror are almost always biased.

Giffin concludes that Sirota’s argument is clearly racist:

Actually, as Sirota himself partially concedes by citing Rand Paul’s push back against domestic drone use, conservatives and libertarians have been taking a leading role in defending civil liberties in recent years. The Obama administration, by contrast, has some serious explaining to do. And that’s the problem: the privilege argument (which I will document further in a future article) is also, to a considerable extent, a political one as it is usually tied up with political concepts. Liberals are generally the ones generally more sensitive to “privilege,” and thus attach that “enlightened awareness” to their own understanding of their policies. But as I just cited, it’s been Obama’s team who has been harming civil liberties most aggressively as of late, not conservatives. Further, despite the fact that Sirota claims white conservatives largely escape scrutiny, the Obama administration has certainly been putting in the time and work to change that.

All David Sirota has done with his argument is needlessly condemn whites and conservatives for hypothetical future racism – which itself is contingent on a single potential outcome for the culprit of the Boston bombing.

Hope all you want that it’s a white guy, Mr. Sirota. It doesn’t matter which party is in power or what group is responsible for an atrocity – if someone in a position of authority wants to exploit an incident to their advantage, then they will do it. Period.