Eight students from Emerson College were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings but that hasn’t dented the resolve of Emerson’s student body.

Brittany Gervais of Emerson’s student paper the Berkeley Beacon reports.

Community stands strong after bombings

Gathering to reflect upon and share stories from the bombing that abruptly ended the Boston Marathon, a tense and teary-eyed crowd filled the Cutler Majestic Theatre Wednesday morning. Members of the Emerson community gave their accounts of the incident, and thanked one another for their support over the past 72 hours.

Standing before over 1,000 people, President M. Lee Pelton smiled as he approached the podium. What had first appeared to be a somber disposition by Pelton suddenly became uplifting.

“Hello, my name is Lee,” he said. “I just want to you to know, I am so glad you are here today.”

Pelton continued, describing Monday morning’s race — an event held annually on the third Monday in April — as the perfect day to go running. But the perfect day was brought to a sudden halt when two bombs went off as racers crossed the finish line, killing three and injuring over 170.

“Shock slowly gave way to pain, and grief, and suffering, and anger, and guilt, and sadness, and confusion,” he said. “And then love. And passion. Emotions that have no name.”

Over the past three days, Emerson students and staff have shown their support for one another in various ways. Some have created fundraisers for victims, while others have organized small support groups.

In his speech to the community on Wednesday, Pelton spoke of the caring atmosphere that the college has embodied.

“This is who we are,” said Pelton. “With honesty and integrity, we will come together.”

The explosions left eight Emerson student spectators hospitalized; all were released on Monday.

Wednesday’s gathering was open to the public. After it filled to capacity, the college offered additional seating in the Semel Theater, where attendees watched a live stream of the event online.