We recently reported that Boston College, a Catholic school, was planning to close down the “underground condom railroad” set-up by students trying to bypass the campus restrictions on birth control.

One of its students, Ariana Caraffa, has on on-the-scene report about the ongoing battle at the school.

For some churchgoers on the Boston College campus, the recent Ash Wednesday observance not only marked the beginning of the Catholic Lenten Season and a day of repentance and fasting – it also ushered in a time for free condoms.

Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn, for example, told CNN he was handed a free condom outside of the Ash Wednesday service.

This attention-grabbing action was a part of the continuing efforts of Boston College Students for Sexual Health, an unofficial campus group made up of students. It aims to improve “sexual health education and resources for all students at Boston College,” its website states.

The struggle between the Jesuit University of Boston College and the students for sexual health sparked national attention when, in a letter to students involved with the group, administration threatened disciplinary action against the students if they continued to dole out the rubbers.

So far, administrators have yet to offer more than verbal warnings. The group’s members, meanwhile, refuse to stop. It remains to be seen if or when campus leaders will take their warnings to the next level.

The group has distributed condoms on campus for several years now. They have said they feel Boston College fails to provide adequate protections for its students, and they mean that literally.

The group’s website states that if a student is in need of a condom, all he or she has to do is knock on one its specially marked doors and ask. (The doors were labeled with a “Safe Site” logo, but those logos have been removed in the wake of threatened disciplinary action).

The website further details: “Other resources also available at these locations: personal lubricant, female condoms, dental dams, and pamphlets about STIs, birth control, and safer sex information.”

… Boston College Students for Sexual Health remains unrepentant.

“It is expressly because we have the privilege of attending a Jesuit Catholic university so dedicated to the development of the self–both the body and the soul–that we find it both appropriate and necessary to advocate for these sexual health issues that are an integral aspect of that process,” Lizzie Jekanowski, chairwoman of the student sexual health group, told the BC Gavel Online.

She also told CNN that the group goes through “nearly 2,000 condoms a semester,” adding: “It is very much an important need here.”