Jennifer Kabbany of the College Fix reports that young libertarians are not happy with the GOP establishment’s response to Rand Paul’s historic filibuster.

Young Libertarians Bash Establishment GOP For Rand Paul Rebuke

Several establishment members of the Grand Old Party are living up to their namesake – at least the “old” part – Young Americans for Liberty Executive Director Jeff Frazee said Thursday in an interview with The College Fix.

“I just hope the Republican Party can wake up before it’s too late,” Frazee said via e-mail.

Frazee made the comments in response to longtime GOP senators John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s Senate-floor critiques Thursday of Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster, during which Paul sought to stonewall the confirmation of CIA nominee John Brennan to force President Obama to state whether the government can order the death of noncombatant Americans on U.S. soil.

Social media stats show Paul’s televised effort Wednesday massively resonated with young and old, conservative and libertarian alike, as he challenged the federal government’s authority, questioned unchecked military power, and spoke frequently about the ideals of liberty, calling for individual rights and due process to be prioritized and respected.

Some data has found that #StandwithRand was the top trend on Twitter worldwide Wednesday, receiving 2,000 mentions per-minute, prompting Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to take to the Senate floor at one point during the filibuster to tell Paul he was “blowing up” on Twitter.

Frazee said C-SPAN 2 was the place to be Wednesday, with many libertarians and conservatives of all ages eating up the marathon display.

“He actually tackled deep philosophical issues,” he said of Paul. “We weren’t talked down to with hollow talking points. Even if you don’t agree with Rand all the time, it is refreshing to hear a politician speak truth to power and not back down. It’s not often you see a politician with the courage to stand alone and demand our rights.”