At the recent CPAC conference, the Republican National Committee’s offered an “autopsy report” on the state of the party.

Regan Williams is a junior majoring in political science and communication studies at the University of Alabama. He gives his own diagnosis in “The Crimson White”, which includes a recommendation that the party needs to attract younger voters.

The first thing that the Republican Party must do is change the candidate mold they have been cast into for most of the past century. This mold is of course the old, rich, white male. The party needs to start with younger and more energetic candidates.

They need to pursue candidates like Marco Rubio and Rand Paul if they want to stand a chance in 2016. These candidates will be competing against a well-oiled machine of the Democratic Party. Given that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate, this need is even stronger.

Paul Ryan was a great start to this cause and the change was seen, with the Republican Party getting more young voters than they had in the last two elections. But again, it was just a start. The GOP needs a face-lift and it must start now if it ever wants to get its feet off the ground.

..We need leaders from both parties being less like selfish toddlers and more like the adults we elected to serve our best interest. This is also crucial because the Republican Party has gotten a bad rap for not being willing to work with others. If the Republican Party is willing to sacrifice a little more, then the public may be more favorable to them in the polls, thus leading to a more successful election.

Finally, the Republican Party needs to work harder to shed this idea that the Republican Party is racist. I am about to make a statement that might shock many readers: The Republican Party is not full of racists who do not care about others. Boom! I said it. The cat is out of the bag.

Still, the Republicans have done a terrible job of not painting themselves as racist. Now, this does not mean that the Republican Party should start electing people of other races just because of their skin color. What this means is that they need to reach out more to leaders of different communities than they have traditionally. If they do this, then they might start to make some headroom in the next election.

If the Republican Party wants to be more successful, they have to change; it is just the way it is. The Republican Party must become younger and fight off the terrible stereotypes by working with new people if they want to be successful.