Is anyone else getting tired of Israel hating liberal college students who think they’re experts on foreign policy?

Robby Soave of the Daily Caller reports.

UCSD student government pushes divestment from Israel

The student government of the University of California at San Diego passed a resolution last week calling for the university to divest its finances from the state of Israel.

The secret vote was 20-12 in favor of the resolution, which asks the Board of Regents to sever ties between UCSD and all companies that do business with Israel. Similar resolutions have been proposed year after year, but this is the first to be approved by the Associated Students Council.

“This year, we’ve been planning for it all year,” said ASUCSD president Meggie Le, in a statement to the The Daily Californian.

Not all student government members were pleased. Two senators resigned in protest, while nevertheless praising the ASUCSD for having the courage of its convictions.

“While I am inspired by students who proudly stand up for their convictions, in passing this resolution our student government unequivocally demonstrated that it does not speak for me, the Jewish community, nor the UC San Diego student body as a whole,” said Senator Brad Segal in his letter of resignation.

Student government meetings are no place for parsing out the Arab-Israeli conflict, said one recent graduate.