When members of this year’s graduating class at South Carolina Sate begin wondering why they can’t find a job, they might want to ask why this stupid government project was funded for so long.

FOX News reports.

South Carolina university project chugs along after 15 years, $24M cost to taxpayers

It was billed as a state-of-the-art transportation hub that was going to give students at South Carolina State University a leg up on the competition.

The four building, 33-acre complex, named after its most famous alumnus, Rep. James Clyburn, would be a monument to the future — where students could get hands-on experience and be a part of groundbreaking research in transportation.

Fast forward 15 years and the site once called the “project of the future” has morphed into a money-sucking pit. Aside from the $24 million in federal funding already spent on the project, an estimated $80 million more is needed to finish it. Of the four proposed buildings, only one has been constructed, and the program’s core goal — to provide educational and research opportunities to students at new high-tech facilities — has obviously not been met.

Federal funding, as of now, has been suspended. But the school could still reapply, and the largely undeveloped site stands as an example of money that could have been saved for a rainy day — funded by the same department that’s now moving forward with serious sequester-related cuts.

Funding for the James E. Clyburn Transportation Center was earmarked by Congress, through the Department of Transportation. Now, that agency is warning that sequester cuts will lead to FAA furloughs causing snarled lines at airports across the country.