There’s been a lot of buzz about Senator Rand Paul in the last 24 hours but College Conservative writer Alex Uzarowicz was ahead of the curve when he wrote this on Tuesday.

Rand Paul: Constitutional Realist

People today believe that military adventurism is a main conservative tenet. You ask Republicans today, and they will tell you that President George W. Bush had a “conservative” foreign policy, that indeed the wars in the Middle East were justifiable wars.

Just look at the the Republican Platform of 2012. There is not a single line decrying American over-involvement in the Middle East. According to today’s Republican Party, radical militarism is the same as conservatism. It makes sense to them. The conventional foreign policy of the Republican Party advocates war, war, and war.

Senator McCain is a great example of the contemporary Republican foreign policy. The heated exchange between Senator McCain and nominee for Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel explains the main division with today’s Republicans. As McCain asked Hagel whether the 2007 troop surge was a good call, Hagel responded that “history” will answer the question. Then McCain called Hagel out and said, “let the record show that [Hagel] refused to answer that question.” Even though Hagel answered, McCain and several Republican senators are completely opposed to anyone who doesn’t support either high military spending and or hyper military involvement. It’s a dogma.

These Republicans have no restraint in military action. The problem is, President Bush was not a conservative. Neither is Cheney, Wolfowitz, McCain, and the many talk show hosts that yet to this day advocate additional military spending.

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