William Jacobson has reported extensively about the hateful BDS movement at Legal Insurrection, most recently at Oxford.

Akane Otani of The Cornell Daily Sun reports that posters for Hillel have been vandalized on campus.

Jewish Students Denounce Defacement of Hillel Posters

Jewish students are decrying the anonymous distribution of anti-Israel posters in the Noyes Community Recreational Center last week. The pro-Palestine group that later took credit for the posters has defended its actions, calling them an act of necessity as tensions in Gaza continue to boil over.

More than 20 posters that were left in a newspaper bin in Noyes last week showed a defaced promotion for a Cornell Hillel event that brought Israeli soldiers to speak on campus. The posters, which were marked up with red scrawlings, denounced the “exclusively Jewish” soldiers — asserting that they engaged in “war-crime[s],” not “combat,” and served in “massacres,” not “missions.”

On Sunday, Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization that describes itself as being dedicated to “raising awareness of the Palestinian experience,” took credit for making the posters. SJP claimed it produced the posters to “condemn the nature of Hillel’s event.”

Here’s the image described above.