What is ‘inclusive racism’ you ask? It’s the non-racist racism of racism and racist racism or something. And racism.

Didn’t liberals tell us Obama’s presidency would usher in a new age of racial harmony?

Patton Callaway of The Duke Chronicle reports.

Brown professor criticizes ‘inclusive racism’

Tricia Rose, author and professor of Africana Studies at Brown University, challenged students to get uncomfortable during her Reggie Day keynote speech Thursday.

The Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholars selected Rose as their speaker for Reggie Day to discuss “what our education is worth,” celebrating the Reggie Scholars and the life of Reginaldo Howard, for whom the scholarships were named. Rose discussed the “inclusive racism” that still exists today, especially in educational institutions.

“We now have visible outcomes of equality but obscured processes,” Rose said. “We’ve moved from excluding people as a mode of discrimination to inclusive discrimination.”

She explained that the system is still discriminatory, but society refuses to admit that and instead includes people from the groups who would be excluded in order to prove that the institution is not discriminatory. Although those few are included, the system remains the same.

“It’s a process by which the fundamental systemic modes of created equality are not equal, and those who experience the brunt are given marginal access as proof that the inequality is not happening,” she added.

Rose noted that even those selected for inclusion remain on the outside and are never fully accepted. The rules are designed for those who are included, and silence on these issues is part of the reward structure for belonging.

She challenged students to develop different ways of thinking and refuse to be silent.

“You have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable,” Rose said. “If education is doing its job, you should be feeling uncomfortable.”