Sometimes people on the left say outrageous things like this just to upset conservatives. In this guy’s case it’s hard to tell.

The College Fix reports.

Atheist Professor: Pig More ‘Human’ Than Fetus

Atheist Professor Richard Dawkins riled the prolife community Thursday after he tweeted that a pig is more human than a fetus.

“With respect to those meanings of ‘human’ that are relevant to the morality of abortion, any fetus is less human than an adult pig,” tweeted Dawkins, who is currently on an American college campus lecture tour to promote his new book.

Dawkins, an emeritus fellow at the University of Oxford, where he was professor from 1995 until 2008, fielded several angry responses to his comment, according to his Twitter feed.

Prolife activists also got in on the action, saying they were highly insulted by his statement and subsequent ones he made to back up his claim.

Via Wesley Smith of

Dawkins just wants to upset pro-lifers by using the “pig” as the example. ….

Dawkins: “Human” features relevant to the morality of abortion include ability to feel pain, fear etc & to be mourned by others.

Idiotic. The ability to “feel pain” has nothing to do with “being human,” biologically or morally. All mammals feel pain. And, of course, fetuses can be–and are–mourned by others, which again isn’t an exclusively human trait. …

Dawkins: Of course potential to be human is among fetus’ qualities. But my pig comparison was careful to specify “relevant to morality of abortion.”