A key takeaway from this story is that when liberals controlled the Canadian government last year, they wanted a much higher annual tuition increase.

But these kids are used to living in a social democracy where things are supposed to be “free” so even an annual increase of $70 or roughly 20 cents a day, is unacceptable.

Take a good hard look at your future, America.

CTV Canada reports.

Student protesters denounce indexation, clash with police

Thousands of students and their supporters marched through downtown Montreal Tuesday afternoon, some pelting riot officers with snowballs to denounce the latest plans from the provincial government regarding university tuition.

There were some tense moments as students clashed with police on downtown streets, but overall the protest was less violent than many of those that dominated headlines last spring. Snow, ice, rocks and paintballs were thrown at officers, who responded by charging students, using stun grenades. About 10 people were arrested, said police.

The protest rally was organized by the student coalition ASSE, the core group that organized last year’s student boycott movement and countless marches throughout Montreal.

Tuesday’s action began with a rally and speeches from ASSE co-spokesperson Jeremie Bedard-Wien, Quebec Solidaire leader Francoise David, and others who said they think this week’s Higher Education summit had the wrong focus.

Bedard-Wien said the protesters will fight not only the annual 3 per cent hike to university tuition, but will continue to fight for free university tuition for all Quebecers, something ASSE believes is entirely reasonable and affordable.

When student protests began last year the then-Liberal government was proposing a tuition hike of $1,625 over five years. Upon being elected, Premier Pauline Marois declared the proposed hike null and void, and this week announced university tuition would face annual 3 per cent hikes, an amount equal to about $70 per year, or $350 over the first five years.