The Washington Post consolidated six tweets remarking 0n the education aspects of the President’s address that are priceless:

#SOTU Want to promote innovation in America? Stop crushing creativity with non-stop standardized testing. @teachersabrina @jerseyjazzman

— Ted Chambers (@TedChambers) February 13, 2013

More Race to the Top means more job security for @politicsk12. Bring on a new contest!…

— Politics K-12 (@PoliticsK12) February 13, 2013

Ugg. RTTT is a failure. Don’t unleash it on high schools.

— Jeff Bryant (@jeffbcdm) February 13, 2013

You can’t fix a model that was never working. #SOTU

— Nikhil Goyal (@nikhilgoya_l) February 13, 2013

Pledge for pre-school one ray of hope

— Carol Burris (@carolburris) February 13, 2013

Its a commitment when we see budget #s @joy_resmovits: FFYF: “President Obama announced unprecedented commitment to early ed tonight.” #sotu

— Sara Mead (@saramead) February 13, 2013