A bill which would allow students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus at Purdue University has failed in the student senate. Some students are disappointed in the decision.

An anonymous writer at the Purdue Review voices frustration.

Student’s Reaction to Failed PSG Senate Bill to Allow Concealed Carry on Campus

Having just witnessed the split vote vote and final decision of “no” on Resolution 12-7, I’m rather appalled at the decision-making process by some of our Purdue Student Government senators.

Resolution 12-7, if passed, would have voiced the support of PSG for the legislation currently moving through the Indiana General Assembly that would allow students and faculty to carry concealed firearms on campus, granted they follow proper licensing procedures. While I appreciate many of the arguments made in opposition to the bill, such as the possible escalation of hate crimes, the fact that multiple senators opposed the bill on the grounds that they did not know how the University and President Mitch Daniels’ administration stood on the issue.

In that regard, I dare say that I have little confidence in our student government’s ability to reflect the ideas and concerns of the student body as a whole. Senators are elected to represent the opinions of their respective schools and constituents, not what any administration thinks. If a senator were unsure as to what the students they represent thought, then why not simply abstain from voting? Additionally, at least in the case of the College of Liberal Arts, neither senator elected to represent the largest college of the university made any significant attempt to poll student opinion, save for a Facebook post made by one at 12:43 pm on the day of the vote.