Yes, really.

This is one of those stories that makes you wonder if you’re reading The Onion. Given the fact that it’s being reported by Bill Hoffmann of Newsmax, it’s safe to say this is true.

Greece’s Ex-Prime Minister Joins Columbia University

George Papandreou, the controversial former prime minister of Greece, is headed to Columbia University in New York where he’ll teach at a course on the financial crisis facing Europe, Fox news reports.

It’s a subject he is intimately acquainted with — the colorful Socialist leader was in charge of Greece when its economy collapsed, necessitating a massive bailout.

Papandreou’s course is called “Bailouts and Ballots: The New Challenges to Democracy and the Case of Europe.’’

“Greece today is a living laboratory for some of the key global public policy challenges of our time — including economic policy, social policy, and more,’’ Dean Robert Lieberman said in a statement.

“And I know our students and faculty look forward to learning about decision-making at the very highest level.”

But not everybody is thrilled Papandreou will be pontificating on his ideas for a more stable European Union.

“I have no idea what he [Papandreou] is going to be teaching,” Desmond Lachman, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, told Fox News.

“But one thing he shouldn’t be teaching is how to run an economy. He might want to teach them how to run an economy into the ground.”