One of the most shocking aspects of the gun control debate is how anti-female it has become.

Lindenwood University student Sarah Hinds share her thoughts on some outrageous and misogynists statements offered by politicians and pundits recently.

Wasn’t it just last summer that our friends on the left were up in arms over middle-aged men (specifically, politicians) making statements about rape?  The last few days have been rank with double standards coming from the liberal crowd: personally insulting, misogynistic and just plain alarming comments that have elicited little, if any, outrage from those who claim to be so “pro-woman.” Rep. Joe Salazar, a particular Colorado University, Bob Beckel, and Amanda Marcotte make me fear for the safety of all women of this country.

First, there was Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar. Last week, Salazar argued against conceal and carry on college campuses—a perfectly legitimate opinion, though I disagree. But he argued that firearms for defense are not needed because of call boxes, rape whistles, and safe zones; and women “might feel like [you’re] in trouble when you may actually not be” and might “pop a round” at someone.

….Even the liberal mouthpiece, Bob Beckel had the nerve to claim that rape on college campuses is not a widespread problem. He’s wrong — it is a problem (check out statistics here) and a serious one at that. I would think that the crowd who, during the election, so vehemently led the “war on women” crusade would be all for women empowering themselves effectively against men who want to attack them.

But alas, there’s Amanda Marcotte, whose recent Twitter rampage displayed not only that some individuals would be better served if they’d never been introduced to social media, but also more animosity for women’s capability of carrying firearms for defense against rape. It defies all logic and reason that some women are actually against defending themselves against attackers in the most effective way. No one in their right mind wants to use a firearm in self defense—but if one’s well being and life are on the line, I cannot fathom the mindset of the individual who literally expects women to remain defenseless instead of taking action to stop an attack.

Hinds concludes by highlighting the obvious hypocrisy.

…why do so many women and so many politicians promote the “my body, my choice” mantra when it comes to aborting unwanted babies, yet when it comes to defending oneself against a rapist, women are told to “passively resist” and that they do not have the choice, nor the capability, to carry a firearm in defense?

It’s hypocrisy at its finest. And unfortunately, it’s hypocrisy that is inherently dangerous to women.

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