Back in December, we detailed the exile of Western Civilization from Prof. Jacobson’s alma mater, Hamilton College.

In a new post at Intercollegiate Review, writer John Zmirak details the overthrow of higher education by the radical left and the horrible core courses which have ensued.

The Top 5 Lamest Core Courses

It’s hard to imagine, but colleges used to insist that students master whole bodies of knowledge about subjects they might not even be interested in, using parts of their brains they hadn’t already developed, learning the basics of disciplines they might not ever use. The theory behind these old-fashioned “core curricula” was that every student ought to be literate concerning the basics of the culture he or she lived in the books that formed its ideas, the ideas that formed its institutions, the institutions that shaped its laws, and the laws that governed the country…

In the late 1960s, however, student radicals took over campuses across the country and tore down every “repressive” structure that stood in the way of their doing . . pretty much whatever they wanted. Single-sex colleges and even dorms mostly disappeared; dress codes were stripped away; and core curriculum lists were largely put in the shredder. Instead, you could broaden your mind not by learning specific things about the civilization in which you lived but by dipping your toe into a wide array of classes, broken out into fuzzy “discipline clusters.”

1. Harvard University: The Literature and Arts B Requirement

“Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee”

2. Stanford University: The Math Requirement

“The Mathematics of Sports”

3.Yale University: The Humanities & Arts Requirement

“U.S. Lesbian and Gay History”

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