Free birth control on campus? Sandra Fluke would be proud.

Katherine Landergan of reports.

The ‘Condom Fairy’ gives contraception gifts to BU students

Boston University students now have their own grown-up version of the tooth fairy. Except this time, the fairy is handing out condoms instead of cash.

Boston University launched a program this month called the ‘Condom Fairy,’ a free service that delivers contraception to students, according to BU’s Office of Wellness and Prevention Services.

Katharine Mooney, Wellness Coordinator at BU’s Wellness and Prevention Services, said she believes this is the first condom-by-mail delivery service at a university. The program launched two weeks ago, she said, and since then the university has satisfied nearly 500 orders.

“It’s meant to be discreet,” Mooney said. “So when you go to your mailbox, no one will know what you’re getting.”

She said students may order up to two female condoms, three male condoms, three lubricants, and a dental dam. The gift also comes with literature on safe sex as well as a note from the Condom Fairy.

Mooney said that when she first thought of the idea for a mail-order condom service, she asked some students for their opinion, and the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

“It built some confidence that this would resonate with our students and serve our students in a better way,” she said.