The dust is currently settling after the House of Representatives passed the “Fiscal Cliff” deal.

There is much to dislike about the hastily passed holiday legislation, especially the mere $1 in spending cuts to every $41 dollars in tax increases.  Christian Lopac of Wabash College explains his thoughts on why this is really “no deal”, and misses the real source of our economic problems.

The political news for the past few weeks has been greatly focused on the “fiscal cliff.” Much of the news has, in turn, been focused on taxes. While taxation is an important aspect of the fiscal cliff, debating taxation alone ignores the fundamental issue at hand. Government cannot only have its revenue cut, but government itself must be cut.

The debate has been entirely concerned with taxes. Liberals wish to tax the “rich,” while conservatives wish to refrain from raising taxes. There are even cries to lower taxes. But this is not enough. To merely argue the current tax questions, though somewhat necessary, is a sad and sorry policy. To argue this rallies the conservative and libertarian base on a fleeting issue which is a slave to trends. I might add, arguing purely about tax increases is to have our arguments and moves dictated by our opponents. Therefore, tax increases, though important, cannot be the focus of this debate.

Lopac concludes the education is a key to the solution:

If taxes are the problem, then the government’s problem is not one of spending, but revenue. Sweeping changes to the Federal government, returning it to the Constitution, will not happen overnight. As much as I resent this, this also is a point of logic.

There are too many in the United States today who are opposed to moving back to Constitutional principles. Some of these opposing people even claim to be “conservatives.” This aspect of the fiscal cliff discussion is the one that ties directly to education. Because most Americans attended public (i.e. government) schools, they have been taught Progressive philosophy as the truth. As a result, many Americans are both resistant to liberty and ignorant of the philosophies of liberty. We must educate and persuade our fellow citizens. If there is a liberty-loving majority then the politicians will be forced to make a choice: risk their jobs and continue violating the Constitution and natural rights or return to Constitutional principles. The result is easy to predict. As we all know, most politicians highly value their jobs.