When college  students are spending increasingly more money for their degrees, it is probably wise to consider each class an investment.

The College Fix lists five classes for the upcoming semester that seem only appropriate for those scholars majoring in fun.

University of Missouri: Sibling Incest in Theory and Literature

This women’s studies/humanities class delves into “the positioning of the incest taboo at the border of nature and culture, or science and the humanities,” its course description states. … Bottom line: it’s a ridiculous compilation of academic gobbledygook that ultimately seeks to defend and normalize incest as commonplace and acceptable.

Harvard University: Aesthetics, Erotics, and Ethics

Ever wonder what universities teach tomorrow’s church leaders? Look no further than Harvard University’s divinity school, which offers its studentsAesthetics, Erotics, and Ethics.” The class starts with a study of two Marxist philosophers who argued religion has been replaced with the love of art and sexuality. …. Meanwhile, the class in question will “pay particular attention to the ways religion, or its absence, has shaped aesthetic and erotic experiences in modernity and beyond.” Short answer: moral absolution is out the window and relativity reigns.

Columbia University: Magic, Witchcraft and Modernity

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this course, according to its description, is its “journey through uncanny convergences and apparitional events that are at once sensual, yet ghostly.” Sensual yet ghostly? Come again? Shaking that off for the moment, the class also investigates magic, witchcraft and spirit mediums “in the shadow of technology, industry, and rational science” as well as “case studies on witchcraft, spirit possession, shamanism, and other forms of magic as healing.” This is what passes for an anthropology class nowadays. Parents duly warned.

University of Arkansas at Little Rock: Film as Literature

Does the idea of students learning about literature and the environment from Hollywood movies strike anyone else as a very bad idea? Enter “Film as Literature,” which aims “to bring a different take to contemporary film by studying them from an environmentalist perspective,” according to an article in the school’s campus newspaper. “… Tuition payments subsidized by tax dollars hard at work, folks.

American University: 50 Shades Trilogy

Rough sex? Check. Bondage? Check. Riding crop, handcuffs and silver balls? Check, check and check. American University’s contemporary American culture course will focus on the best-selling soft porn phenomenon “50 Shades of Grey,” a gripping three-book series, no less. Those who wonder why people increasingly view college as worthless need look no further.