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We Need A Libertarian Renaissance

Each generation is defined by its values. While each generation’s values and norms are different, the ideals of liberty and freedom have been consistent for every generation since our nation’s conception. Even the hippies of the 60’s eschewed opposition to government control and overreach. Since our founding, being an American has meant advocating for freedom and liberty. However, it seems as if this social norm is ailing with the rise of my generation and the technical age. Freedom isn’t “cool” anymore. People would rather be guaranteed goodies from the public treasury rather than have their rights and liberty preserved. As long as everything is free, who needs freedom?

As this negative paradigm shift occurs, it paints a sullen picture for our near future. Revisionist academia undermines traditional American values and attempts to draw us away from the teachings of the Founding Fathers. The average college student probably knows more about Thomas Jefferson’s views on race rather than his remarkable vision of individual liberty. Today’s generation thinks the United States is responsible for the most evil in the world, and Communism in the Soviet Union and China was a noble and admirable experiment. Rich guys in suits are evil, unless they work for the government, and Sandra Fluke -the 30 year old college student who can’t afford birth control for recreational sex- is a hero.

It is time for a Libertarian renaissance. Freedom needs to be cool again. This generation should be inspired to get rich, produce things, and live free. The decline in American family values is dangerous to us as a society, but a decline in American political values is dangerous to the world!