Earlier this week, College Insurrection reported on an event at Texas A&M in which actor Danny Glover claimed that the 2nd Amendment was created to control slaves and take land from Native Americans. The incident sparked outrage on campus, particularly among the college conservatives who launched a petition aimed at bringing less leftist speakers to the school.

On January 23, A&M Chancellor John Sharp was in Austin to promote a new initiative for the university which hopes to entice more students interested in studying engineering. In the course of his press conference, Chancellor Sharp was asked to comment on Mr. Glover’s controversial remarks.

While he did not defend the statements, the chancellor cited Glover’s 1st amendment right to make them.

FOX News KTBC in Austin reports.

A&M Chancellor responds to comments made by Danny Glover

When the news conference was opened to questions, Chancellor John Sharp was asked about the controversy sparked last week by Danny Glover.

The popular movie actor was the guest speaker at an event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Campus conservatives posted on the internet Glover’s claim that the Second Amendment was created to stop slave revolts and take land from Native Americans.

A petition from members of the Texas Aggie conservatives is demanding that A&M stop inviting what they describe to be “radical leftist speakers.

Here’s what the Chancellor had to say about Glover’s statement:

“Second Amendment comes from the right to protect, settlers to protect themselves from slave revolts and from up risings by Native Americans,” Sharp said. “I haven’t met an Aggie the yet that agrees with Mr. Glover, but I’ve met every Aggie that agrees he should be able to have the right, uniquely American to say anything he wants to say about any subject and there are plenty of people on that campus who have died to make sure that stays the same, that’s our attitude about it.”