With tasteless, sexually-oriented activities featured on so many American college campuses, it is comforting to know students do have some limits.

The College Fix reports on a forceful social media response to a video that featured a Ohio State attendee’s jokes about a sexual assault of a high school age girl:

Social media posters voiced frustration at Ohio State University recently for not expelling a student seen in a video that went viral that shows a young man joking about the alleged brutal rape of a 16-year-old high school girl.

10TV.com reports “criticism is growing against Ohio State University, with many people blasting the school through online comments,” while “Ohio State has told 10TV that the teen is no longer an OSU student.”

In the video, a teen wearing an Ohio State T-shirt continually mocks and degrades the victim.

“She’s deader than Obi Wan Kenobi after Darth Vader cut his head off. That’s how dead she is,” the teen joked.

According to 10TV.com, the Facebook response to the video was vigorous:

It was the t-shirt and the confirmation in the video that the teen attended Ohio State that led to an outcry on the university’s Facebook page.

Comments included calls to remove the student, saying “that kid should be gone” and “shame on OSU for taking so long to expel him.”

There were dozens of comments, minutes apart throughout the day.

In fact, there was another Facebook page created specifically to expel the teen, and it had 1,500 “LIKES” by mid-day.

The student in the video left the school mid-December, and their is not indication as to whether this action was voluntary or not. Attorney General Mike Dewine, whose office is looking into the case the case, is still determining if criminal charges will be placed.