The liberal takeover of American colleges has been well documented by College Insurrection. A subject that deserves greater focus, is the methodology the left uses in academia for the promotion of class warfare.

William H. Young of Minding The Campus offers his take here.

The Academy Helps Drive Class Warfare

One of the distinguishing features of America from the founding throughout our history has been classlessness. In recent years, especially since 2009, there has been a relentless assault by the progressive left on what it considers the unfair income distribution between the rich and others, propounded particularly in academia as I discussed in Inequality. That blitzkrieg has contributed to a significant rise—by around 20 points—in the percentage of our population that now believes there is a sharp and intensifying class conflict in America, which some on the left would turn into class war.

Central to President Obama’s reelection strategy was his campaign’s devastatingly effective demonization of Governor Romney as the rich embodiment of a predatory capitalist economic system, as I described in Postmodernism and Governance. A Pew Research exit poll (Andrew Kohut, “Misreading Election 2012,” The Wall Street Journal, November 13, 2012) found that while 10 percent of voters said that President Obama’s policies generally favored the rich, 53 percent said Mr. Romney’s policies favored the rich. An overwhelming 87 percent of those who saw Romney’s policies as oriented towards the rich voted for Obama. (Karl Rove, “The President’s ‘Grand Bet’ Pays Off,” The Wall Street Journal, November 7, 2012)

The view that our economic system unfairly favors the rich underlies the growing perception of class conflict. In my article Equality and Governance, I highlighted a finding of a March 2012 Pew Research poll that 61 percent of Americans believed that “the economic system in this country unfairly favors the wealthy”; only 36 percent said “the economic system is generally fair to most Americans.”