In a new post at The College Conservative, writer Alex Uzarowicz examines the influence of unions on American politics and the impact they have on our freedom.

Mandates vs. Freedom: “Land of the Free”?

Are we still “the land of the free?” Well, perhaps. We are free to some extent; certainly freer than other countries. For example, as a Catholic, I can go to mass on Sundays without being persecuted for my own religious views. That wouldn’t be the case in China and several Middle Eastern countries where Christianity is highly restricted and outright illegal.

But not so fast. We may be freer in some ways, but in others we are struggling. These are not insignificant liberties either; these are our guaranteed constitutional rights.

Just this week, pro-union and anti-Right to Work groups showed that freedom of speech is only “ok” if it doesn’t go against their own political ideals. These groups protested so intensely that they literally pushed down their own opposition. These same groups don’t like people to have the right to opt out from a mandatory union membership.

How low have unions stooped? They were once a powerhouse in American politics. We needed them to an extent. Like Thomas Paine said once, “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil.” Well, unions are just like government, or perhaps now, they were just like government; no more needed.

Unions have proven that they are no longer powerful as well. The American people have made it pretty clear, they don’t like unions and especially the way they express themselves.