We regularly report on campus restrictions that undermine students’ First Amendment rights to free speech.

Now, in the wake of several well-publicized mass killings by mentally ill individuals, several university presidents have signed document that may target students’ Second Amendment rights as well.

The Cornell Insider has the details about the head of its institution.

In response to the Newtown shooting, Cornell University’s own President David Skorton has joined nine other university presidents in signing a document advocating for “strong, meaningful action needs to occur in three domains: gun control, care of the mentally ill, and the culture of our contemporary media.”

However, no specific details are given as to what meaningful action needs to occur. One clue may be a sentence in the document stating, “Many high-powered weapons that have no legitimate use for hunting, marksmanship, or self-defense continue to be bought and sold, as are the high-volume magazines often used by mass murderers.” Beyond this, the signers do not clarify what they are exactly advocating.

The document also decries the University’s ability to keep “guns off campus and out of the hands of students” because of state laws. Cornell University’s official policy on weapons on campus is ”a campus is no place for a weapon. It is a crime in New York State to possess a rifle, a shotgun, a BB gun, an air gun, a spring gun, or other firearm in or on the buildings or grounds of any school, college, or university, even if you have a valid New York State firearm permit. This prohibition includes possessing a firearm while dropping off or picking up someone on the campus or while just driving through the campus”.

One wonders what more Skorton wants President Obama and Congress to do to keep guns out of student hands.

The AAU’s full Statement on Gun Violence can be found at: http://aau.edu/

Cornell’s Weapon Policy can be found at: http://www.cupolice.cornell.edu/policies/selected_policies.cfm