Have you noticed that many of the liberal celebrities and politicians calling for greater gun control are either protected by men with guns or profit from gun violence in movies?

So has Sarah Hind of the College Conservative.

Hollyweird, Journalists, and Their Firearm Double Standards

Yes, I’m still talking about guns. Because so long as there are politicians and celebrities out there (likely protected by armed guards) who are hell-bent on unconstitutionally taking away my right to defend myself against those who would want to harm me, I find the topic relevant.

Journalists and illustrious members of the Hollywood elite have taken advantage of the firearm debate to purport their anti-gun beliefs. Fine, you don’t agree that Americans should have the right to lawfully keep and bear arms. We disagree, but I can certainly—and willingly—accept a political disagreement.

What I cannot accept are journalists, actors, and fat movie directors in baseball caps displaying a blatant, glaring and at times disturbing double standard when it comes to guns and gun control. While calling for less gun violence, they promote violence against gun owners and the NRA. Hollywood “demands a plan,” and calls for gun control, while in the same stride they make millions from their own violent movies.

Django Unchained contains sufficient violence (with guns) that is to be expected from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Jamie Foxx stars in Django, but he was also in the “Demand A Plan” PSA video that featured big names from Hollywood “demanding a plan” on gun control. For being so in favor of gun control as a method of reducing violence, Jamie Foxx also joked in an SNL skit about the movie, “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

But Mr. Foxx…I thought you were pro-gun control? But maybe that doesn’t apply when your movie containing gun violence grosses over $100 million.

Director Michael Moore, ever the liberal-mouth piece, also demanded more gun control after the tragedy in Newtown. Yet he too was enamored with Django Unchained and endorsed it.