The state of the Chicago Public School system is such that 40% of its teachers send their children elsewhere to learn.

The Daily Caller contributor Eric Owens reports on a story that offers a clue to this statistic:

A Chicago Public Schools administrator sent parents an email Thursday that mistakenly included a link to an erotic website dedicated to the exploration of women’s sex lives.

The mistake stemmed from a typo in a Web address, reports CBS Chicago.

The email told parents about the statewide implementation of scoring changes for the Illinois Standards Achievement Test. The link was supposed to take parents to information on common core standards from the Illinois State Board of Education website at

nstead, thanks to an extra character, the link took parents to a women-only, by-invite website called, an “intimacy destination for modern women,” according to founder and CEO Dominique Gagnon. The site’s home page features an unmade bed in an elegant, modern-looking bedroom. A copy of the Kama Sutra lays open in the sheets.

“Oops, someone has been naughty,” reads a message that now greets Web surfers who come to the site from the Chicago Public Schools email. “Thank you, CPS, for introducing Illinois mothers to Isbel.”

“Isbel is not a porn site or a sex store,” said Gagnon in a press release. She describes it as an “extremely innovative” information portal, “formed to help women understand and appreciate their sexual and sensual sides through a unique design combination of social community and crowdsourcing.”

Chicago Public Schools acknowledged the error.

“As soon as it was brought to our attention, we sent out an updated letter with a corrected link and apologized for any inconvenience it may have caused,” a CPS spokesperson told CBS Chicago.