We recently covered the fact that some students were selling their eggs to fertility clinics in an effort to fund their education.

One individual, understanding the new market dynamics, placed an ad in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s student newspaper that requested  a donor who met specific requirements.  This act generated a response typical of feminist groups from two of the campus’ activist organizations.

Unexpectedly, there was a backlash, to their cry of “sexist”:

A recent full-page ad in MIT’s The Tech student newspaper that sought an Asian egg donor with a high grade-point average has drawn the ire of two campus feminist groups, who in an op-ed called it racist, sexist, misleading, and said it promotes stereotypes.

But their complaints prompted a backlash of criticism from several students and alumni who posted anonymous online comments about the women’s guest column, saying their complaints – published this week – were hypocritical and wrong.

“I think it is you who is being sexist by wishing to deny women the right to make their own choices,” one commenter argued. “Your attempt to ‘protect’ women seems to me replete with overtones from a regime that women seek to overthrow every day.”

Stated another: “As a recent alum and current medical student who is hoping to donate her own eggs in future, I hope everyone also considers the altruism also involved in these processes. … Is it bad, as an MIT educated female, to WANT to give eggs to a couple who would clearly appreciate and nurture the traits I might be able to pass on?”

The comments were prompted by the guest column written on behalf of the executive boards of Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT) and Feminists@MIT…..

Another responder argued: “This letter is a huge and lengthy overreaction by someone who seems to be pretty thin-skinned. The ad was by an Asian couple who quite reasonably want to ensure that they have the best chance of having a smart and accomplished kid. Being Asian they are naturally looking for a smart Asian woman which is reflected in the title; how on earth is this stereotyping?”

Said another: “Selecting an egg donor, much like selecting a life mate is an incredibly personal decision that shouldn’t be judged by you or anyone else in the world.”

It seems that as far as feminist activists are concerned, “pro-choice” is only appropriate when you choose the progressive views that they espouse.